The School Talent Search Exam (TSTSE) at school level are Competitive examination, based on the school syllabus.This exam give exposure to students about competition and make them ready to face any competitive challenge that would be thrown open to them in the future.


Competition is a healthy Concept.Competition helps a student to strive for better. It creates a feeling of excitement. Moreover,it leads to success. Without Competition, students would be lazy, and they would become incompetent. Competition is good for children. It helps children to develop healthy attitudes about winning and losing. Children become competitive as they refine and practice skills and develop coordination and cognitive abilities. Competition can encourage growth and push a child to excel.When kids compete with another kids, they work harder, in the process all the students improve thier knowledge. If there were no competition, Only the best of the class would expand his/her Knowledge

TSTSE help to identify a child's capability and assessment of his/her real potential in competing in today's world. They also bring out the areas needing attention so that proper orientation can be given in areas lacking proficiency. In a nutshell, they are a platform for realistic assessment to prepare a child to face the modern competitive world.

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